How To Get Clients and Leads For Your Small Business With Ease – The 3 Minute Strategy

Today I’ve read through a couple of Facebook Groups for Small Business Owners.  And I came across so many people who struggle with getting clients and leads. Even worse, they feel kinda lost in the digital marketing world. Which is understandable. And all they get is a shitload of superficial ideas from people who want to sell them their services.

“Do e-mail outreach! PM me”

“I have great ideas for you, PM me”

“I literally got 1000 ideas right now” (good for you, jackass, why did you decide to not share a single one of them)

Let’s not do it this way. Let’s make something different.

And don’t get me wrong. I don’t wanna be salty (maybe, kinda). No, seriously. Some people have great ideas and yes, there is, in fact, A LOT of things you could do. But I feel that simply throwing ideas at you without an action plan isn’t gonna do much for you. Isn’t it?

So, the important question is: What is the most effective and efficient method for you? And even more interesting – how would you execute it?

Let me proudly introduce: The 3 Minute Strategy. Why is it called that way? Because this blog post takes you 3 minutes to read, it’s 2 AM and I’m not super creative right now, sorry.

So, here is what I would do. (I’ll use a residential cleaning business as an example)

The 3 Minute Strategy

  1. You create a simple landing page on which you offer a small part of your service for free in exchange for an e-mail address (for example 1x carpet cleaning). This gives you a lead, it creates trust (people buy from people they know like and trust, that’s why word-of-mouth is such a powerful tool) and it triggers the rule of reciprocity (you give before you ask and people are much more likely to give back to someone that provided them with value before)
  2. Create a simple Facebook Ad campaign and target a specific group of people that you send to your landing page. (The more specific the better because it allows you to make your landing page copy personalized)
  3. After they’ve opted-in on your landing page you upsell them a premium add-on on for your service at $5-50 (e.g., a premium dirt protection for the carpet, so that it stays clean longer). This is a One Time Offer only available for those who act after they’ve opted in. It does two things. It refinances your Ad spend – which is great because now you can spend more on acquiring new leads. But most importantly your leads become customers. And it doesn’t matter if the price is just $1 or $50 – either way they become customers. And it’s a lot easier to sell to an existing customer again than to acquire a new customer. (It’s actually 6-7 times more costly to acquire new customers than it is to retain an existing one.)
  4. You gotta keep your promise and give them the cleanest carpet they’ve ever seen. Really, give them a great experience.
  5. Now they that know, like an trust you, you can offer them a personalized deal (as you already know something about their residence) and live happily ever after with your new client.

This process has worked for my agency as well as my past clients. Especially with niches that are kind of untapped in social media, because there is not a whole lot of people who already do this.

Here is a free calculator where you can plug in your numbers to see what kind of conversion rates you need to go for on your landing pages: Free Funnel ROI Calculator (It’s a Google Drive Link – No E-Mail required)


If you have any questions please comment them below. I’m very happy to help you out!

If you know a friend who’s also a business owner please share it with him or her.

Thanks for reading and happy converting!

~ David

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