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The Godfather Strategy

Part 2: Leads, Customers and Clients in droves...

2. The Godfather Funnel

At the end of the day, a funnel is nothing else but a process that takes a person from A to B. Meaning, in our case:

Facebook Ad ► Landing Page ► Thank You Page ► Follow-up / Backend

Die Landing Page

After a prospect clicks on the ad, we send him to conversion-optimized Landing Page. Conversion-optimized simply means that it is designed within principles of sales psychology and only has one goal: Efficiently turning the visitor into a lead. No menus, no distractions, clear benefit-oriented statements and one single Call to Action.

On your Landing Page we're hiding the sign-up form behind a button click on purpose.

That way your visitor is making a micro-commitment. From a psychological point of view, he's now much more likely to fill out the form in order to stay consistent with his first action. At the same time, we don't welcome your visitor with pleading hands that just want his data.

Visitors that landed on your page but didn't take action will be retargeted with another Facebook Ad that reminds them of your offer ("Hey, you visited our page and forgot your coupon")

Besides the Landing Page, there are a couple more alternatives to gather leads. For example, a Facebook Messenger Bot or the Facebook Lead Form.

The Thank You Page

This is where we thank your visitor for signing up, deliver him what he has signed up for and explain what will happen next.

We'll also send him a confirmation e-mail to let him know that he successfully registered for your Godfather Offer. And a few days later another one to remind him of his coupon.

Optionally, you can make him a bonus offer on your Thank You Page. This could be a product or service that makes your Godfather Offer even better or that gives him an incentive to contact you immediately.

For example: "Call us today and you'll get 20% off of your yearly membership."

This means more clients and customers to you and a self-liquidating Facebook Ad.

The Follow-up / Backend (€€€)

You're now getting bombarded with leads.

This is your turn.

You either follow-up with a call or an engaging e-mail series that makes it as easy as possible for your leads to turn into a customer or client. ​

Most important thing is, that you view your leads as humans, not as numbers. But who am I telling?

You just do what you do best: Knock your prospects socks off with your service or product and make them a lifelong client or customer.


You did it!

You are now able to...

...target your ideal audience where they hang out daily (Facebook and Instagram)...

...to make them an irresistible initial offer that reliably turns them into leads customers and clients...

...at scale and profitably. Meaning you put $1 in and get 2, 3, 5+ dollars back.

In other words pictures :


The Godfather Strategy is only one of our Facebook Marketing Strategies but one of the most powerful amongst them. Take it with you, test it out, and snatch some customers and clients from under your competitor's nose. That's why I shared it with you.

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David Lux

David Lux

We have had conversations with many different partners for digital marketing and conversion rate optimization through the years and whether it was unrealistic promises or our sense that nobody truly took the time to understand our business and its nuances, we never moved forward. Enter David Lux and what started as a very small project has blossomed into a full-blown conversion rate optimization program that has paid for itself many times over.

David not only took the time to understand our business but took it upon himself to research our business and industry to understand what was and was not working both with our site and with our competitors. David's mantra is "test, test, test" and his gentle guidance and insight have made him an invaluable partner to our business. We look forward to continuing our efforts with David.

~ Ryan Zagata, President, Brooklyn Bicycle Co.

Ryan Zagata

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