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The Godfather Strategy

Part 1: An offer they can't refuse...

The Godfather Strategy consists of three powerful elements...

  1. The Godfather Offer
  2. A well-targeted Facebook Ad
  3. The Godfather Funnel

1. The Godfather Offer

The heart of the Godfather Strategy.

The goal is to make your target audience an offer on Facebook (you'll learn why Facebook shortly) that reliably turns them into leads and ultimately into customer and clients.

An offer that attracts attention and stops one scrolling further.

An offer that makes cat videos insignificant.

An offer one can't refuse.

The Godfather Offer. (GO)

The GO is a bait that makes your potential customer and clients call you, message you, stop by at your location or purchase something in your online store.

It should be catered to a clearly defined audience...

...have a high perceived value...

...be connected with your core products or services...

...and either offered at a very low price or for free.

Here are a couple many examples:

  • Dentist - $19 Professional Tooth Cleaning 
  • Bike Shop - Free Bike Check
  • Restaurant - Free Cocktail and Desert
  • Chiropractic - Free 15-minute Massage
  • Shop for vegan clothing - Free Tote
  • Realtor - Free Price Estimate through an Online Quiz
  • Software Product: $1 Trial
  • Agency: Free Strategy Session, Draft, etc.
  • Yoga Studio: Free Meditation Session

Okay, okay. But why should you give away something so cheap or even free if you aren't Mother Theresa?

The purpose of the Godfather Offer is not to make a profit. Chances are you actually taking a loss. But that's no problem, because....

The GO has 4 other very important purposes:

  1. It generates masses of inquiries. So far, so good.

2. You are providing your potential customers and clients with value upfront. This creates trust. People buy from people they know, like, and trust. This means the GO nurtures a relationship.

3. You are triggering the rules of reciprocity. Simply put, you give a person something of value and thus this person is - from a psychological POV - inclined to give you something back in return.

4. It's very much likely that you get a new customer or client. And it doesn't matter if he pays $1 or $500. As soon as he becomes a customer his mindset switches from "Will I spend money?" to "How much money will I spend?". The keyword here is Customer Lifetime Value.

So, the GO is an investment.

2. The Facebook Ad

You've got the Godfather Offer. Now we make sure, we present it to the right person - your ideal customer and clients...

The reasons why we use Facebook to do that:

Reach, Relevance, Cost Efficiency.

To put it plainly, you're able to reach about 300 million people in the U.S. and up to 3 billion people worldwide.

But not just any people.

For example, you want to target married men at the age of 34 to 55 that are business owners and interested in wellness? No problem, at all.

That's where the unique targeting options that Facebook offers come into play.

We use three methods for this:

  1. Classical Targeting. We target your exact audience based on age, gender, location, specific interests, shopping behavior and 100's of other targeting factors.
  2. The Magnet Method. We run another Ad first that promotes entertaining or informative content (i.e., a video or article) connected to your product or service. We then target people who engaged with that content. 
  3. We create an audience based on your existing customer or client data (i.e., e-mail addresses) and Facebook finds up to 10 million people who own similar features.

These target options are super powerful and can't be found on any other platform.

Most of all, they mean one thing: More cash in your bags.

Because the more defined your audience is the more relevant your Ad is gonna be and thus the less you'll pay per click and lead.

Alright, so we have your Godfather Offer and your target audience. Now it's time to run your ad.

Your ad now continously generates clicks for you. But how are we gonna turn those clicks into leads, customers, and clients?

With the Godfather Funnel...