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We critique your website and tell you how to improve it in order to increase your leads and sales.
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If you are a Business Owner or Marketer who wants to improve her/his website or e-commerce store here is what our critique can do for you:
Grow Your Revenue.
You are burning money every time a visitor doesn't convert into a sale. We will give you comprehensive suggestions on how you can turn more of those visitors into customers and increase your conversions.
Avoid Costly Mistakes.
Don't hurt your sales by implementing generic tips. Get a detailed action plan with clear instructions for your business without the hassle of learning all about conversion optimization.
Have Peace of Mind.
It's rough and frustrating to see your visitors leave without buying your product. We will relieve you from wondering and tell you what may prevent your website from being persuasive and compelling.
More Conversions and Revenue
Reduced Bounce/Exit Rates
Increased ROI on Ad Spend
Higher Landing Page Quality
Peace of Mind and Knowledge
Less Wasted Organic/Paid Traffic
What You Will Get.
Your All-in-one Website Critique. The cornerstone that will set your website up for success.
Layout Critique
We will check if your website's layout eases the visitor's decision-making process and makes him/her take the right action. This includes usability, colors, headlines, calls to action, navigation, the attention hierarchy of your elements, and other stylistic factors that influence the visitor's behavior on your website.
Copy/Content Critique
We will have a close look at the relevance and clarity of your website's content, we will check if it contains all the information your visitor needs to make a decision and if your copy is specific, concise and compelling.
Persuasion Critique
We will check if your website content follows the natural flow of awareness of your visitor and if you use smart persuasion techniques to guide him/her efficiently along the journey from first-impression to ready-to-buy. This is where the magic science happens.
In-Depth Data Critique
We will audit your traffic data and your conversion tracking setup. This is a vital step in becoming more familiar with your audience as it detects any traffic leaks and gives information about how your visitors behave on your website.
Suggestions and Wireframes
All the elements above are related to each other. We will connect the dots for you and combine them into comprehensible suggestions. Together with our clear Layout-Wireframes and Explainers, you're all set to easily follow the steps towards more conversions.
Tilda Publishing
Highly comprehensive and in-depth report that provides way more value than I had expected. David is a gem and his value of insights is much higher than others. I have worked with many Conversion Optimization Experts in the past and he is "one of" if not "the best".
Conrad Ayunon
Digital Marketer and Consultant
Fantastic service. Several excellent suggestions and details on how to implement. Highly recommended.
Kurt Schneewind
CEO of a Data Research Startup
Perfect analysis of my online shop. Very good job.
Alexandros Mertsiotis
Security Business Owner
Excellent advice received in a timely manner in a well written document. Very simple to follow! Definitely recommend!
Rehise Khan
E-Commerce Shop Owner
We will literally give you our knowledge.
The Mindfunnel Explainers.
With our Mindfunnel Explainers we add thorough explanations to our custom suggestions. We will consider your target group and dive deep into the fields of sales and behavioral psychology, persuasive design as well as user experience design.

You can apply our knowledge to all your marketing channels and increase the impact of your entire ad spend without wasting hundreds on books and courses.
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