Mindfunnel. A Conversion Optimization Agency for Small Businesses.
Hi, I'm David and I'm the founder of Mindfunnel. We help small businesses and solopreneuers grow their online business and get better results with digital marketing through Conversion Optimization and Smart Persuasion.

Why work with Mindfunnel?

You might ask, why would I be capable of helping you with Conversion Optimization. So, besides having happy clients that I've helped in the past, here is a little background story about how Mindfunnel came about.

Before founding Mindfunnel, I worked as a web developer/digital marketer and built a startup database which I sold in 2016. During my work, I saw my clients, and to be honest also myself, struggle with reliably turning visitors into sales. This led me to taking courses in Conversion Optimization, devouring books about the psychology and design behind compelling user experiences and field-testing everything I've learned. Being also a certified IT specialist and having a degree in Business Studies, I am a conversion powerhouse at your disposal.

After working successfully with clients on their websites, it is now my full-time mission to help you increase your conversion rate and get better results with digital marketing.
Start Converting
David is a gem and his value of insights is much higher than others I have paid for. I have worked with12 Conversion Rate Optimization experts in the past and he is "one of" if not "the best".
Conrad Ayunon, Digital Marketer and Consultant.